With good timing, Omen of Death can give you an additional temporary ally as well as giving one of your teammates a brief life after death to fight along side you.


New client version - v1.0.0.9

Quick new release of our client, the RiotStats Jax Uploader, after a bug appeared which was causing the client to not actually upload the log files. Bit of a school boy error, it'll teach me to code very late at night. Thanks to those of you who reported the problem, managed to narrow it down because of your feedback.


Ready and working again... (almost)

Ok, finally at the point where the new uploader is ready and has been tested out and appears to be working fine. So make sure you get the new version of the Jax Uploader and you'll be able to upload the new log files. Since I had to do quite a bit of work on the parser, and the move to the new machine, i'm now fully parsing the log files so you'll start seeing extended stats soon (such as gold earned, towers destroyed etc).

So why the almost? Well, since everyones been uploading files during the downtime the log queue is quite large, and it'll take some time to work through. I can't see it taking too long, so hopefully in a few hours it'll have caught up.

I've no idea how long this solution will last for, but an extra day is an extra day. Thanks for all the help and comments people have sent in.


Status Update

Ok, just a quick update before I go to bed, been coding all day and it's now 3:22am. First of all if you're reading this congratulations, you're browsing the site from it's new machine! I have upgraded all the code bases in order to support the new json log files, some features will be broken for the time being, mainly the Champions page, but it may sort itself out. I'm currently running some database changes at the moment to support all the extra bits of data that some people have been requesting (it's taking a while to adjust the tables). I have also finished coding the changes to the Jax Uploader, however since I don't actually play LoL any longer it's completely untested. If people get in touch (via the feedback button) I can send you a link to the newer version and you can tell me if it works correctly or not.

So, to sum up, parser is fixed, site is fixed, client is modified (not live), site has been moved to new machine & the parser workers are currently offline.

I shall enable the workers sometime tomorrow, probably after a couple of people have verified that uploader is working correctly.


Stop the presses!

After I announced the closure of the site yesterday a few people came to me with solutions to the problem and with their help I am currently coding the changes needed in order to continue parsing and generating stats.

It's no secret that I don't actually play LoL anymore, but from the comments I have read since last night (reddit & LoL forum thread) I'll do what I can to keep the site working and open.

I need to create a new version of the Jax Uploader, and make some other site changes. Hopefully get all this done today.

I'll update again in a little while.


Site Closure

It is with much sadness that I'm announcing the closure of RiotStats, but this site has finally come to the end of the line.

The site will no longer be parsing and generating League of Legends statistics as of today. This is not due to a lack of enthusiasm for the site, or due to something coming up in my own life that is causing this action. It is simply that RiotGames have, for some reason or another, decided that the log files were revealing too much information and are now actively censoring their data.

This is something I had suspected was on the horizon for a few weeks, back on the 11th of July I had to fix the log parser so that it could handle the fact that Player ID numbers were no longer available. From this point I suspected that Riot was cracking down on the specifics in their data. So it comes with no surprise that with the latest changes, all numbers over a certain length are being stripped from the log files. With these numbers being hidden it is no longer possible to establish game ID's, and with no game ID's it becomes impossible to reliably match up players to games since they no longer have a common number between them.

The site will stay online until the 20th of August, beyond that date the site will be taken offline. If Riot decide to reverse the log censoring then I'll bring the site back online and move it to a new server, however, I very much doubt they will.

I have had interest in the past from people wishing to get access to the raw data I'm keeping, if you wish to get a copy of the mySQL database please raise a request using the Feedback button and I'll respond via e-mail to you there.

To everyone who uploaded their logs, thank you, you made this site possible.

To everyone who submitted feedback or reported bugs, thank you, you made it a better place for all.

Lastly, to the heroes amongst the LoL community who donated, again, I thank you.

So since this was a statistics site, it only seems right to end on some stats so here goes. Since the 12th of Feb 2011 to the 29th July 2011 the site had...

238,612 visits
113,424 unique visitors
1,144,716 page views
4,339 jax uploader downloads

56 different game versions
301,665 matches played
439,857 EU players seen
547,079 US players seen
2,755,751 total match players

39,284,960 forest creep kills
277,179,694 lane creep kills

15,916,134 hero kills
23,166,626 hero kill assists

1265.3862 average ELO rating
633,818,764 game seconds played or 20.0849336 years

6,032,934 site achievements earned
318,027 file uploads

Some non-unique stats that the log files told us, not necessarily what we had in the database...

19,400,421 ranked games won
18,715,290 ranked games lost
715,324 ranked games left

279,442,039 normal games won
264,791,656 normal games lost
9,366,262 normal games left

Farewell everyone, it was good while it lasted.



Log Parsing Broken Fixed

As some of you reported earlier that log parsing is no longer working I have temporarily stopped the processing job queue. I am in the process of deploying a fix to allow parsing to continue. Your logs will still be uploaded, but will remain queue'd until further notice.

I have narrowed down the problem to be around the player blocks, and that Riot has adjusted them to no longer send through your unique ID number. I don't know why they have removed it, but so be it. I'm just working on the parser now to instead to use another method of matching up players.

I will update this news post once the parser is working correctly again.

Update (11:24pm BST) I have re-enabled log parsing, it should all be working again. Please report any issues using the feedback button. Cheers.


Old Version Statistics

Just released some changes today that allow you to view statistics for past versions of League of Legends. So if you want to check out how a certain patch changed things you can go look it up. You can see them all on the versions list.

Development of the site is still on-going, and all the suggestions you make through the Feedback button are read, so don't feel like they fall on deaf ears!


Site Speed Improvements & Achievements

We have spent some time improving the speed of the site as it was starting to slow down in some areas, the changes should mean the site overall is much faster and snappier.

Achievements are now also enabled (they've been hidden for a little while), you can see them on your player profiles. Only for a bit of fun, there's 30+ achievements to find at the moment and no list of what you've got to do. So do have fun! We'll be adding more as time goes by.


New client version - v1.0.0.6

Quick new release of our client, the RiotStats Jax Uploader, after a bug appeared which was causing the client to instantly crash (very useful I know). If you were experiencing this issue it won't be able to tell you about a new version, so visit the client page and update today.


New client version - v1.0.0.5

We have released a newer version of our client today, the RiotStats Jax Uploader, to support the new beta launcher. To update your client simply re-download it from our website and replace it with the newer version. Whenever you start the client it will check to see if there is a newer version and alert you if that's the case.


Welcome to RiotStats!

Hello and let me be the first to welcome you to RiotStats. RiotStats is an unofficial League of Legends statistics site which tracks player and match data from all regions. We setup the site to provide players with a site for up to date statistics tracking on a clean easy format.

We have released the site in its current state, which has all major functionality working correctly. We will extend the site as time goes on. Plans are in the pipeline for some nice pretty graphs and potentially alt account tracking.

To aid in log file uploading we have created the RiotStats Jax Uploader - this has automatic log uploading so you don't need to remember to upload them to us, this tool will do it for you whenever you finish playing.

As part of entering this community (with full knowledge we are not the only one here), we have decided that instead of trying to muscle in and take users from other sites we would help give data back. So as part of the client it will automatically upload logs to both here, and to lolbase.net.


About RiotStats

RiotStats is an unofficial League of Legends statistics site which tracks player and match data from all regions. We are 100% dependent on your data, so please download our client and contribute today!