RiotStats Client

Jax Uploader v1.0.0.9 (03/08/2011)

The RiotStat Client called the Jax Uploader will allow you to automatically upload your log files to us whenever you finished playing your game of League of Legends. It watches for you to start playing then upon you closing the game client, finds and sends us your log latest files for stat parsing. It then backs your log files up for future safe keeping.

Features run down!

Requirements & Installation

To install simply download the file, extract and run. It couldn't be more simple!


When setting the League of Legends Path, please set it to the root of the LoL installation, such as 'C:\Program Files\League of Legends', otherwise it will not detect log files correctly.


About RiotStats

RiotStats is an unofficial League of Legends statistics site which tracks player and match data from all regions. We are 100% dependent on your data, so please download our client and contribute today!