Match #182744259

Normal Game - 2011-09-18 07:34 UTC

5v5 on Summoner's Rift for 37 minutes

Player Champion Level K/D/A CK/NK Items Spells
MegamanZ Ashe 30 8/5/5 198/12 Doran's Blade Berserker's Greaves Infinity Edge Doran's Blade Phantom Dancer Last Whisper Flash Ghost
Nygaax Singed 30 4/14/8 90/3 Rod of Ages Boots of Swiftness Rylai's Crystal Scepter 0 0 0 Ignite Ghost
Ars0n Gangplank 30 3/4/11 126/57 Wriggle's Lantern Berserker's Greaves Infinity Edge Spirit Visage 0 0 Smite Ghost
P1T4G0R4S Soraka 30 1/7/6 16/3 Philosopher's Stone Rabadon's Deathcap Ionian Boots of Lucidity Heart of Gold Kage's Lucky Pick 0 Flash Clairvoyance
rTv RoSenDo Karthus 30 0/7/6 94/8 Sorcerer's Shoes Archangel's Staff Blasting Wand Amplifying Tome 0 0 Flash Ignite
CyberNetix Irelia 30 17/6/5 150/27 Doran's Shield Trinity Force 0 Banshee's Veil Guardian Angel Mercury's Treads Flash Ignite
Chazori Miss Fortune 30 14/2/15 232/11 Doran's Blade Berserker's Greaves The Bloodthirster Infinity Edge Banshee's Veil The Black Cleaver Exhaust Flash
Inphinitii Trundle 30 3/2/14 133/58 Wriggle's Lantern Mercury's Treads Frozen Mallet The Bloodthirster 0 0 Smite Flash
Silent Revenge Akali 30 3/3/5 138/19 Hextech Gunblade Mercury's Treads Rylai's Crystal Scepter Doran's Blade 0 0 Flash Ignite
Brawlr Taric 30 0/3/16 37/6 Mercury's Treads Shurelya's Reverie Heart of Gold Aegis of the Legion Chalice of Harmony 0 Clairvoyance Flash

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