Match #179638502

Normal Game - 2011-09-18 07:35 UTC

5v5 on Summoner's Rift for 41 minutes

Player Champion Level K/D/A CK/NK Items Spells
Beautiful Jax 30 16/5/12 173/43 Hextech Gunblade Guinsoo's Rageblade Abyssal Scepter Phage Doran's Blade Ninja Tabi Ignite Exhaust
oSpeedy Vladimir 30 11/8/11 251/12 Ionian Boots of Lucidity Zhonya's Hourglass Rabadon's Deathcap Void Staff Will of the Ancients Blasting Wand Flash Ignite
rTv CositoX Chogath 30 9/3/13 211/37 Warmog's Armor Boots of Swiftness Frozen Heart Banshee's Veil Force of Nature 0 Exhaust Ignite
P1T4G0R4S Vayne 30 8/5/13 81/14 The Bloodthirster Berserker's Greaves Zeal B. F. Sword Pickaxe Cloak of Agility Ghost Flash
Mephew Taric 30 3/6/14 69/7 Rod of Ages Mercury's Treads Nashor's Tooth Null-Magic Mantle 0 0 Exhaust Teleport
TheEpicGosu Veigar 30 8/10/11 158/5 Deathfire Grasp Sorcerer's Shoes Rabadon's Deathcap Blasting Wand Tear of the Goddess Haunting Guise Flash Teleport
Draven88 Tryndamere 30 7/7/7 158/53 Vampiric Scepter Berserker's Greaves Avarice Blade Phantom Dancer Infinity Edge 3172 Smite Flash
Redils Brand 30 5/7/9 192/23 Sorcerer's Shoes Rabadon's Deathcap Doran's Ring Doran's Ring Will of the Ancients Void Staff Flash Ghost
JimmY032006 Mordekaiser 30 4/10/10 170/9 Phage Thornmail Rylai's Crystal Scepter Negatron Cloak Blasting Wand Sorcerer's Shoes Flash Ignite
Xpisto Urgot 30 3/13/8 80/12 Manamune Mercury's Treads The Brutalizer Cloth Armor Null-Magic Mantle Chain Vest Flash Ignite

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